8140 Regular Pentagon Dirichlet Eigenvalues (60 digits)

Robert S Jones
rsjones7 at yahoo dot com
August 25, 2018, Fixed the missing DC eigenvalue 92616.682.... (updated tallies, hashes, etc.)
April 13, 2015, Finished 60-digit results.

The lowest 8140 Dirichlet eigenvalues of the unit-edged, regular pentagon, correctly rounded to sixty digits, are shown on this page. They are divided by symmetry.

This list includes all eigenvalues below 100,000, and the first one above 100,000 (which is in the S-symmetry tower).


Note, to number the lines, I used "$ nl -w 4 pentagon.DS.nom.dat > nl.pentagon.DS.nom.dat". The above files do not have numbered lines.

Dirichlet - S-symmetry (1396 eigenvalues)

Dirichlet - A-symmetry (1318 eigenvalues)

Dirichlet - B-symmetry (2712 eigenvalues)

Dirichlet - C-symmetry (2714 eigenvalues)